Monday, January 23, 2012

Secrets for New Year's!

One of my New Year's resolutions this year is to be more generous, sooo....I'm spilling some of my tightest-kept beauty and fashion secrets!

The Thread Bar was recommended to me by a dear friend, and now I'm passing the goodness on to you!  How do we love the Thread Bar, let me count the ways:  it's very fast, no appointments necessary, the threading stings but is faster and far less agonizing than tweezing, and I was given a nice, neat, sexy look -- no overplucking!  And the real surprise: it's about $9 for deliciously good eyebrows!  In my area, it's standard to pay $40-$60 for brows , so this is a real treat.   It's located on the second-story of a little building on the Little Tehran stretch of Westwood, with delicious ice cream just a block or so away.  Street parking, bring money for the meters, and prepare to be wowed.
1321 Westwood Blvd, Upstairs, Los Angeles 90024 310 444 9494

It's a Wrap is my permanent home-away-from-home.  I have found absolutely everything here: exquisite vintage jewelry, workout clothes, hats, scarfs, evening gowns, cute tops for headshots -- everything.  It's a Wrap features clothes from the studios, and if you're lucky, the day you come will be sale and there will be lots of great stuff everywhere.  It's not always super-cheap, but it can be, and the quality of the clothes is often good.  This shop is THE place to go around Halloween, when the costumes are unbelievably detailed and gorgeous and totally affordable.  It's always a good place to go for browsing, and for getting great clothes for headshots or costumes for a film without spending a lot of money.  Occasionally you will find treasures -- one of the studios was liquidating some of its vintage stock here and I found the most lovely sequined clothes from shows like "The Brady Bunch Variety Hour" and "Laugh-In."  Priceless.  Parking is abundant in the rear lot -- take the alleyway just south of the building and you'll find it.  There's also metered street parking.  Wear comfy shoes, the floors are a little hard.  Each piece of clothing will have a tag with letters on it -- it's the abbreviation of the show/film in which the clothes appeared.  At the front desk, there is usually a list that will tell you what the abbreviations stand for.  There are two sites -- one in Burbank and one on Robertson.  I slightly lean towards the one on Robertson, but they are both good.  There are great clothes for men too!
1164 South Robertson Boulevard  Los Angeles, CA 90035-1404.
(310) 246-9727                                         

DryBar is an amazing invention: a beautiful, loft-like, princess-y ode to the blowout.  For a while I never understood the blowout craze.  Now I have drunk the keratin kool-aid.  Why is this place the best?  Well, the charge is only $35 a blowout, much less than most salons, and they truly spend time doing your hair, not trying to rush you out for the next appointment.  They have a book of looks and you can also bring a photo showing what you want.  The products they use are good and smell fantastic.  Romantic comedies frolic on the silent, subtitled TV screens, and there are usually free cookies near the front desk.  I repeat, free cookies alert!  If you need your hair done for a film, an audition, a photoshoot, and so on, this is a fantastic option.  It's also a great pick-me-up, for a life-is-beautiful, my-hair-now-belongs-in-a-shampoo-commercial kind of day too.  Nothing inspires joie de vivre like the perfect supermodel blowout.  They accept walk-ins but they can be very busy, so it might be best to make an appointment.  There are multiple locations across LA including Studio City and Brentwood but I'm partial to the one in Sunset Plaza.  Lots of free parking behind the building.
8595 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA - (310) 442-6084

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