Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blue Christmas

Wondering what to wear in our balmy winter season at all those parties?  Cobalt blue and textured blue were everywhere on the runways.  A reason to rejoice: it's a very flattering color, from the palest of pale skins (me!) to caramel and cocoa skin.  If you are pale or moderately pink, be sure to add some rich bronzer and lip color to avoid fading, although paleness is actually considered attractive this season (yay!).  

Sometimes the holiday happens and everyone suddenly starts thinking "black."  Maybe it's to mourn all that  lost time in the mall?  It's like a wormhole that will brutally suck you through spacetime and torment you with bad Christmas music!  I myself keep putting off my routine trips to the Beverly Center's Sephora and Aveda stores, just to avoid hearing "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" and going certifiably insane.  This year, my family and I have decided to forgo presents and donate to charities instead.  Luckily, I can still give a couple presents to myself!   I think striking, texure-y blue is the color of this winter season.  And if you haven't bought yourself a present yet, you could make yourself very happy with these:

Sergio Rossi Sude Pumps $895: a piece of art. 
Or if your budget is a little more modest and your idealism burning a little brighter?
Tiana Hobo Bag by Reveal $165
 What is so amazing about this beautiful peacock-jewel-tone-blue bag?   Not only is it nummy and gorgeous, but the innovative satin fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles!  The leather is vegan, and even the zipper is made from recycled materials. 

Blue satin, daring, touch-me sensuous, and elegant, is all over the red carpet:
It's surprisingly how lavish and flattering the right tone of blue can be in a statement gown.  If you are going to less formal parties, I like a little blue dress like this:
Rebecca Taylor Paneled Silk and Satin Dress $375

This still has that very au courant shiny satin, sexy feeling, but with a more versatile cut and shape.  You could wear this out shopping or on daytime jaunts, but with the right shoes and a pretty deep pink or red mouth this could be a gorgeous little holiday dress.

I wore this vintage blue dress recently for one of my "Amanda Holiday Show" charity performances at the VA hospital.  It's from that era in the 70s when "prairie dresses" and 19th century antebellum touches were beloved:
Wearing a vintage blue dress with white lace I found on Melrose  
I love it as a winter season dress because it feels Dickens-Christmas whimsical and formal while actually being very light, perfect for our warm winter days. Here's a similar blue and white lace dress:
Alice by Temperley Esmeralda Gown $795
This dress could go to a party or for a picnic -- it's ready for anything!

So what about when it's actually cold?  We've had a couple 40-something degree nights when this poor California girl thought she would turn into Frosty the Snowman!  In that kind of frightening fashion emergency, I recommend a stunning coat:
Burberry Coat Fall 2011
The great thing about a classic, tailored coat like this one is that in the 60 seconds it takes to put it on, you have suddenly become instantly polished, like a magic fairy waving her "perfect attired" fairy dust on you.  And coats like these, with faintly military references, never go out of style. 

And what if your little toes are cold too?
Mysuelly Carmen Wedge 345 Euros 

Aren't these just adorable?  There are so many delicious wedges this season, but these are really quite winning, the sort of thing one could add to stodgy, conservative winter outfit and make it suddenly chic.  Also, they actually look comfortable.  The perfect Blue Christmas shoe!