Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In Love with Marilyn at Macy's

I'm been devouring this incredibly gorgeous book, "Marilyn in Fashion," and feeling so inspired by the sexy, summer-y looks that Marilyn perfected.  I noticed a number of key elements of Marilyn's style: everything fit her body perfectly; her looks are sensual but don't actually show that much skin; and there's a wonderful mix of fresh innocence and sultry sexuality in her personal style.

Finding the kind of outfits that Marilyn wore is not easy, and pinup reproduction clothes are so lovely but often very expensive.  So I'm in love with a new Marilyn Monroe reproduction line that Macy's is carrying in their junior's section.

I tried on almost everything and ended up buying this gorgeous red dress:
Currently on sale at macys.com for $44.99 in sizes from XS-XXL

Here is the original dress that Marilyn for Niagara
Here's some more of this delightful line, perfect for looking delicious in this hot summer weather....