Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Beauty Within: Meaningful Makeovers from celebrity artist Eric Devezin

 Recently I attended a wonderful event orchestrated by dear friend and kindred spirit celebrity makeup artist Eric Devezin.  He asked me to be one of the judges of the fashion contest -- a serious day of fun!  His "Beauty Within" event provided free makeovers, panels on raising teen self-esteem in age of teen suicide, depression and bullying, and guests ranging from comedians, rappers, dancers, models, celebrity chefs to a mayor.  In addition to providing some serious heart, the event was exploding with cool fashion!
 Red hair is so in this year, if I do say so myself, and I loved the full-on anime-style color on this makeup artist as she prepares her palette!
 My makeup artist Yesenia Avila works her magic on me!  Aaaah.  I love hair and makeup in the morning.  Better than coffee, it brings me from sleepy bear to superwoman powers! 
 Not one, but two stylists pamper my hair!  Regina and Raquel give me serious fluffy barrel curls.  I don't know what I'm thinking here, but it probably goes like this: "Why can't I have this every morning?"
 A young fashion-lover gets some fairy-dust!
 Lots of great performances!
 Me and Yesenia my makeup artist on the red carpet!
 Striking a pose!
 I'm wearing my own fashion collage: pink tutu meets silver sequins meets my favorite hat by English designer Philip Treacy.  Every outfit is better with a hat!
 Fellow redhead hairstylist Raquel Rubin rocks 40's pinup hair and has such a gorgeous smile.
 Red carpet heaven!  You have to drag me away!
 I totally love these Egyptian-style eyes in beautiful starry midnight -- jewel tones and cat's eyes are so this season.
 More Egyptian eyes -- elegant, mysterious, and sexy.
 Rocking feathers!  We've had feather extensions, feather dresses, but these have to the biggest, baddest feather earrings I've seen.
Dance troupe Makadoutious shows us how it's done.

Me on the red carpet with Eric Devezin and some young fashion stars.  Thanks Eric for having me! :)

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